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Seeing as your giving out advice… ive been struggling with particularly my sadly ex best friend. For a good section of this year Ive been unconnected with her she thought I was if ignoring her but in reality I was ignoring everyone I just want to be alone & deal with personal stuff myself I didnt want anyone to know and she took this as a personal attack on her. We argued for a while but I never felt strong enough to tell/anyone I was dealing with my own stuff am I a bad person for ignoring her


Not at all. To avoid any confusion, it probably would have been better to at least let her know “hey, going through some stuff at the moment. Don’t really want to talk about it, but just know it has nothing to do with you.” but I know first hand when you just want your space, it’s hard to tell someone that bc they always have so many questions and start to poke and prod until you tell them what’s wrong. If she’s really your best friend, I’m sure she would understand. If and when you are ready, talk to her and let her know what’s been going on. 


honestly I respect people who are bright and chirpy in the morning while I am a zombie about to headbutt you for even breathing

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